About Me

Frequent consultant for ElfElm Publishing LLC. See samples of my work on the samples page. Or you can find me on Google+ or LinkedIn.

Photo of Angie Lokotz
Angie Working from Home Office

My expertise had been preparing words and pages for print, but we are living in a digital world.

I taught myself to type on a beat up Underwood typewriter when I was 12. Presstype, stencils, rub-on letters, caligraphy pens, Compugraphic, Rubylith, Waxers, swivel X-actos, PageMaker, Quark, now InDesign … I used them all. No matter the method, the output was always the same: paper-based product in the form of books, magazines, posters, etc.

When Amazon’s Kindle came on the scene it created a major shift in the way books were purchased and consumed. I became obsessed with ereading devices and finding ways to create ebooks directly from InDesign with help from plugins and CSS.

Will Make Interactive Books for Food.

Once Apple introduced their iPad the fascination with ebooks took a turn because the tablet content took advantage of a new interactive digital space. Even as the iPad evolved, other providers have entered the tablet market, creating a confusing assortment of devices with various operating systems and abilities.

After experimenting with apps, ebooks, and interactive PDFs, I am rethinking the publishing landscape and am now focusing on responsive design for content so it is viewable on all platforms; content that can be modified to fit the device it is displayed on, regardless of screen size.