Alternate Layout Makes Designing Easier with InDesign CS6

Tell me if this sounds like your work flow. Traditionally when we publish a novel, we release it first in hardcover, and later in paperback and ebook form. With our current workflow we have been creating a file for the cover of the hardcover book, and archiving it. We de-archive the hardcover file and cannibalize it when it is time to resize and redesign to the paperback size. The ebook cover is then created by cropping the front of the paperback cover. All these covers are separately created, collected, filed and archived. This process is not optimal. Sometimes different designers are called to work on the iterative covers and they may not have the proper fonts or images at hand to make the changes.

This all changes with the CS6 workflow.
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Create Anything with Adobe’s Creative Cloud

If you haven’t seen what is available in the CS6 Creative Cloud, you must check it out. Adobe says Creative Cloud is the Way to Create Anything, and I don’t think they are too far off. Try it for a month, on Adobe!

InDesign’s liquid layouts will let you create a poster, turn it into a postcard, change it into a brochure, and link all the text. Make a change to one; all will change.

If you can dream it up, Adobe has software to make it happen; and, if by chance they don’t have the features you want, let them know. Put in a features request. They really seem to listen.