Interactive Books Are Not Always Digital Books

Puget Sound Book Artists Show Off Intricate Creations

If you find yourself in Tacoma between June 6 and July 31, 2013, head to the Collins Memorial Library at the University of Puget Sound where the Puget Sound Book Artists are holding their Third Annual Members’ Exhibition.

Acrylic Cube with Onomotopotic Text and Ball Bearings
Resound (or Shake Me Up, Judy) by Judy Lynn

In a well-lit passageway just beyond the library desk, you will find a small, but exceptionally well-curated collection of hand-made interactive books.

The Puget Sound Book Artists use found objects, handmade paper, woodblocks, scissors, even bias tape and more to create amazing works of art that tell a story (or amazing stories that are also works of art–you decide).
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